Marriage Supper Banquet

A 12 Week Mentoring Program for Women

The Marriage Supper Banquet is a collaboration between Fire of His Glory Ministries and the Garden of Life Enrichment Center.

The next Marriage Supper Banquet will be in the Fall. Stay tuned for more details.

We are so humbled to walk with these precious women as they are transformed by the power of the Love of God. We have many testimonies of how this process has changed these women’s lives. We give all the glory to our Heavenly Father.

"All praise, Glory, and Honor goes to God and to Ms. Stephanie for allowing God to use her and help me get spiritually-grounded in my life. With the death of my mother and the loss of my relationship with my man and daughter, I became angry and slightly depressed. The classes helped me get back centered as well as boost my self-esteem and self-worth and release some of my anger."

"I am a caregiver and a I take care of my mother whom I live with, so every moment that I am awake I am taking care of someone (and I LOVE it), but I look so forward to coming to this class because it has been extremely refreshing and fulfilling. There is nothing like being in His presence with women seeking God and absorbing His love together!"

"Before I started the abiding ministry classes, I was a strong woman in God, but I didn't have the love for myself that the Lord has for me, and in this class I truly learned to love myself, and understand how much God loves me no matter what people say or do. I have been battling myself and some toxic things that I had been trying to break free from. Being a part of this amazing group of strong women, I have truly started to heal and be set free from bondage. I have a newfound confidence and I'm no longer hiding who I am. The enemy had even tried pulling me away from class with thoughts of sickness, but I am healed, I am still here and I will see this through to the end."

"I am an introvert so being around large groups of people gives me a great deal of anxiety. With this group of women, God has allowed me to be comfortable, open to share my fears, testimony, as well as the ability to be open-minded, I thank God for that. I've grown in self-confidence, I'm empowered to stand up for myself, and I have a greater relationship with God. I know if I need encouragement or just someone to pray with that is interested in what is best for me they're just a text or phone call away. I know now that other women can and are willing to care for me, pray with me, be happy for me, and not wait for the 1st opportunity to stab me in the heart. Women can love each other, be friends with each other, and want the best for one another. I love our time to do nothing but praise and worship God. I feel liberated! What a beautiful blessing this group is in my life. What is really great is that my family can see a change in me. God is working in my life and I thank God for this group and for this ministry."

"I have always known God and have always wanted to be pleasing and acceptable but fall short. I am continuing to walk the path to pleasing God, and when I found out about this class it was a blessing and an answered prayer. I had been in relationship to be married but it's not going to happen so I prayed to God and said, "God, You're the only One I need." He is truly blessing me right now. So, right now I truly get to be a blessing to God by sacrificing myself to Him. I love God and will give Him all of me."

"My testimony is I was a people-pleaser and was being manipulated and controlled by others, but since being in the Marriage Supper Banquet I am no longer a people-pleaser and no longer being manipulated and controlled by others. After going through these classes I can receive God as my husband now because I couldn't receive in the past."

"My testimony is that even though I was in the classes a short time it gave me full spiritual power, which is something I had to gain as I grew up. I've never been too mentally strong-minded and was also easily manipulated, but the classes gave me strength and made me feel powerful through God. They made me tap into the true power that He has given me, and for that I'm forever grateful."

2021 Marriage Supper Banquet Pictures

Please consider partnering with us as we support these women in their journey to wellness and heart-healing. It costs $200 to sponsor a woman. We also have costs for the renting of the facility and setting up of the event.

We are so grateful to God for His faithfulness to provide. Partner with us and share in the blessing of changing these women’s lives. You can give through our PayPal donation link below. Thank you so much for your support and prayers.